Startup Development Team

Design can be a very confusing thing to navigate. Websites, social media "aesthetics", business cards, logos, t-shirt designs. There are so many tools out there that it becomes a headache to sort through them all looking for the best of the best. 



How do you get your name out to the public? How do you grow your social media platform?

Often times, all these things get pushed to the back-burner because you are consumed by... well, your business. It is well worth asking for that help and getting the ball rolling so that you can focus on what makes you the happiest. Your business.


Business Consultation

A consultation really sets the tone of the project and is a great foundation for keeping ourselves on track to success.

Most people know what they want, sometimes they just need to be shown how to get there in reasonable bite size pieces.

We will go through what your daily schedule looks like, what you need done, and what you feel that should look like.




 Need to get it done but can't stand to think about editing a document you just spent hours writing? Let us be your personal editor. Everything from Instagram captions, government document editing, curriculum production, to grant writing. 



Organization is a vital part of the business. from clearing your headspace to being able to find where things are, to getting motivated-  your workspace does a lot for you.